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Rotaeno APK is a rhythm arcade game that will make you experience a whole new level of adventure. By making the best use of your device’s gyroscope you can play this game and move with the beats.
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16 June 2022
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Rotaeno APK Download

Rotaeno APK: Good music always sets the soul to ease and who doesn’t love drifting with the beats. There are a lot of rhythm games available in the market so why Rotaeno APK? I know you want the answer to this question. The best thing that is to love about this app is the adrenaline you will feel while playing. Just like playing an arcade game, you will feel your heartbeat rising while matching the rhythm of the game. What are you waiting for let’s dive deep into the amazing features of this game?

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What is Rotaeno APK?

Rotaeno APK is a rhythm arcade game that will make you experience a whole new level of adventure. By making the best use of your device’s gyroscope you can play this game and move with the beats. This app will take your gaming experience to next level. With a variety of genres to choose from you can select music of your choice and just go with the flow.

This game is easy to play and very addictive. You will feel yourself inside the game while playing. The audio quality of the music is smooth and ear blessing. There are a lot of arcade games available in the market but none of them can beat the rush you feel when playing Rotaeno. Just rotate your phone and show how flexible your wrists are. This game supports all devices having a gyroscope or accelerometer as it detects your movements using sensors. So, you can pass through those rhythmic turns easily.

Rotaeno APK GamePlay

Rotaeno Gameplay

Rotaeno APK is a mind-blowing and intense rhythm arcade game that makes you drive through music. Just rotate your phone and get maximum notes correct. It’s like collecting stars in the sky, you have to collect notes.

Rotaeno APK offers different genres to choose from so you can select any music and dive into it. There are story modes also available in the game that will make you feel like part of it. Follow the game character and lean into the world of music and fantasy.

To play this game you just need to select the music you want to match the rhythm with. Click on the play button and wait for the notes to hit your way. Use your phone’s gyroscope to rotate the phone and catch the notes coming your way. The transitions and turns of the musical notes are smooth to make it easy for you to catch. This game is different from other rhythm games as you don’t have to slide your fingers or tap on the screen to catch the notes. Just drift through the music.
You can also use headphones while playing this game to make your experience exciting. Feel the music flowing through your ears to your heart and just enjoy the movement of your hands. If this all sounds like your kind of fun, then download this game and experience all of this yourself. You can find the download link in this article itself for free.


How can we end the article without telling you the amazing and unique features of this game? Here are some handpicked and experienced features of this game that you must know before downloading.    

Multiple Genres

Rotaeno APK offers different genres of music to choose from. Whether it be EDM, pop, JPOP, KPOP, or opera you can choose anything according to your taste.

Huge Music List

Rotaeno APK Library
Rotaeno Music Library

The rhythm games are all about good music and beats. If you like the song you will love to drift with it. Rotaeno APK contains a huge collection of music from different genres that you can listen to and play with. So, choose your favorite one and start your adventure.

Feel the Music

With high-quality audio, you will feel your heart pounding with the music. The audio feels amazing when plug-in the earphones. With music, you will feel your hands automatically moving to the rhythm and you can easily clear the levels.

Story Line

Rotaeno APK has a unique storyline where the character Ilot will take you through the stars and her life journey. Feel an amazing adventure that you can not find anywhere else. Be the savior of the future.

Frequent Updates

Rotaeno APK is kept up to date to provide the best experience to the players. New songs and audios are added on regular basis to keep you entertained and give you more choices.       

Pros and Cons

This application is amazing and unique but you should always check the pros and cons before downloading any application. Here are some common pros and cons of this game listed for you:


  • Multiple genres to choose from
  • Match rhythm with rotation
  • Easy and fun to play
  • Huge collection of music to choose from
  • Constant update of music list and new adventures


  • Only supports devices with gyroscope and accelerometer
  • In-app purchases to unlock some features

How to download Rotaeno APK?

Rotaeno Songs

I know you can’t find this application for free on PlayStore but worry not. You can download it from our site for free. Follow the given steps to download this app from our site:

  1. First, you need to generate the download link by clicking the download button.
  2. Once the link generates just click on the link and start downloading.
  3. Before downloading allow the ‘Install from this source’ option from your app settings.
  4. Once the download completes install the application by clicking the ‘Install’ button.
  5. Now you can be a part of an amazing adventure. Feel the music to your heart and enjoy the game.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is it safe to download Rotaeno APK from ApkFreeB?

Ans. Yes, at ApkFreeB we make sure to give you safe and trustworthy applications to download. Our testing team conducts various security tests on the APK file before uploading it. You can feel free to download this app from our site for free.

Q2. What devices support Rotaeno APK?

Ans. Rotaeno APK supports all Android and iOS devices with a gyroscope and accelerometer. You can download this application from our site.

Q3. Is Rotaeno APK free to download?

Ans. Yes, this application is free to download from our site. Our site is safe and trusted by thousands of users, you can feel free to download it from our site.


Rotaeno APK is a unique storyline rhythm arcade game with a gyroscope. This application uses your phone’s sensors to detect your wrist movement while playing. The easy-to-play feature makes this game fun and adventurous. You can find many songs and beats to choose from. The audio experience is amazing and will bless your ears. You can also be part of the journey with our character. Just download the application from our site and drift with the rhythm.  

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