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Mega Personal Dating app is the best dating app you can have on the internet. It protects your privacy, makes sure that you get only legit and verified profiles, provides a high-quality video call feature, and still costs nothing. If you are single and looking for a serious or casual relationship or even a hookup you won't get disappointed with this app.
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22 January 2023
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Mega Personal: In this modern world of the internet the concept of dating has evolved manifolds. People now search for their partners over the internet without going out. After the pandemic struck, online dating got an even more boost as people want to search for their partners without risking their health.
Mega Personal Dating app APK is a great creation by Mega Personal Limited, which is hands down the best dating app out there on the internet. After the covid pandemic, online dating has gotten a huge boost and people love to search for dates on the internet. Mega Personal Dating app is a very feature-rich application with really good profile filtering options to find you your perfect match. This app is completely free to download and also offers a great user experience and making it the best dating app.
When it comes to online dating you can never go wrong with Mega Personal Dating app APK as it is the best dating app currently on the internet. This app is getting more popular day by day because of the features it has to offer. The best part about the Mega Personal Dating app is its privacy policies as it protects your privacy very securely and never shares your personal information with any person or website. In this article, you will get to know about the functionality and amazing features of the Mega Personal Dating app APK. Let us move to the features section and know more about the amazing features Mega Personal has to offer.

Personalized Matchmaking with Mega Personal Dating App:

When it comes to features Mega Personal Dating app is stuffed with features and provides a magically pleasing experience. The list of features Mega Personal offers is huge, and it’s time to dive into it.

1. Minimalistic Design

There are many dating apps but they have a very busy interface that makes them confusing for users, when it comes to Mega Personal Dating App offers a very minimal design. The minimal design language helps users to maneuver through the app easily and search for their partners instead of wasting time learning the app’s interface.

2. Free To Date

You don’t need to spend your money in order to find dates on Mega Personal. It is a completely free-to-download app and you can find dates without spending a single penny. Mega Personal still offers you a premium membership if you want to use the extra premium features and get an edge over others. Finding dates can never be this easy and fun.

3. Experience Safe and Secure Online Dating with Mega Personal Dating App

The internet is a very confusing place and there are times when people aren’t the same in real life as they are on the internet. Mega Personal Dating App has a very nice feature to filter out fake profiles to improve the user experience. Mega Personal claims Zero Fake profiles which makes this app really stand out from the crowd.

4. The Infamous Swipe Feature

One of the most famous features of dating apps comes from the infamous Tinder app i.e. the Swipe feature. Basically, with this feature, you can easily filter profiles you like or dislike just by swiping right or left. This feature got popular from the infamous app Tinder, and the Mega Personal Dating app has the same swipe feature making it an awesome choice for date hunters.

5. High-Quality Video Calls

Mega Personal Dating app offers very high-quality video calls that help users to know each other in a better way virtually. People looking for a date can interact on video call after they match with each other. The video call feature doesn’t even require high-speed internet and works really fine even with moderately good internet.

6. Trustable

As previously mentioned internet is a place where things are a bit shady sometimes but when you see good reviews and downloads you can trust an application. Mega Personal has millions of downloads and positive reviews and that makes it a trustable application. Stop wasting time on other apps and websites start using the Mega personal app and get your match today.

7. Find True Love with Mega Personal Dating App

The best part about the Mega Personal Dating app is that unlike other apps it is for any gender and gender orientation. There are apps like Adam4Adam which are only for gays but Mega Personal is available for everyone.

How to create an account in the Mega Personal Dating app?

From creating an account to using the Mega Personal app it’s a breeze. If you want to create an account on the Mega Personal Dating app or website just follow these easy steps and you will be good to go:

  1. Open the Mega Personal Dating app or visit the Mega Personal website.
  2. You can also register with your Google account or you can fill out the form and use your email id and choose a password and then click on Register to complete the registration process.
  3. After you click on the Register button your account will be created.
  4. Yay! you are ready to find the perfect match for yourself.

How to find your Perfect Match on Mega Personal Dating app APK?

With the help of the internet dating got easier but finding the right partner got tough as people don’t know the right way to find a perfect match for themselves. To find a perfect match for yourself you have to follow some steps. Without wasting any time, let us begin with the steps to help you find your perfect match.

  • Before any step create an account by filling in the required details about yourself to make a legit appealing profile for others to check. Do not create a fake profile as you will end up either getting blocked by Mega Personal or getting matched by fake profiles only. So make sure anything you provide in detail for your profile is correct to your knowledge.
  • Never try to imitate others by copying things from their profile as it will leave a bad impression on the person you will match as they will get to know about it when you will talk to them. Let it be hobbies, interests, or educational qualifications, and make sure everything you fill in is accurate. Put extra attention on hobbies and areas of interest as most people will relate to your hobbies and interests. Common interests and hobbies lead to more matches and better understanding.

How to download and install the Mega Personal Dating App APK?

If you want to download and know the steps to install the Mega personal Dating app you are at the right place. We provide you with the original application and also brief you about the steps to follow in order to install the Mega Personal Dating app. To download the Mega Personal from our website follow these steps:

  1. To download the app click on the green download button and then you will be redirected to the Download page.
  2. Wait for 10 seconds to generate the download link.
  3. Once the download link is ready click on it to start the downloading process.
  4. After the Mega Personal Dating APK is downloaded, click on the downloaded package and allow the unknown source promptly.
  5. Booyah! You have successfully installed the Mega Personal Dating App APK. What are you waiting for, go find a perfect match for yourself.

Apps to try similar to Mega Personal Dating App APK:

Dating apps have improved a lot over time and help us to find better matches with the help of amazing features to filter out the person with similar choices and likings. These apps also help us to find people who are more likely to get attracted to us. In this article, I will tell you about the Best Dating Apps for 2022 and will help you find your date according to your liking.


Talking about dating apps you can’t go wrong with Tinder, Tinder provides the best for almost every kinda relationship be it casual, LTR, hookup, or anything. It is the starter pack for people entering the world of online dating. It is really easy to use and with a very simple user interface. People of almost any gender orientation can find dates on Tinder. It also comes with some premium features like Super Like, Who likes me, etc. if you opt for the premium subscription. In order to find your date, you will have to go through a huge pile of profiles as there are millions of users on Tinder.



Adam4Adam APK is an amazing social network platform for LGBTQ community members. It is an online dating application that allows people to chat with each other. Being the World’s largest Gay Social Network, this application allows interested users to meet, chat, and hook up with gay users.
This is the perfect application if you are looking for a date, friend, or even a long-time partner. In addition to its attractive user interface, this application offers features to assist users to find their perfect guy. It is the most popular application for gay dating throughout the world. People can use this application in their free time and find a friend they can talk to. Also, you can find a life partner as well as a partner for hookup and meetings using Adam4Adam APK.



Hinge is one of the best overall apps for online dating as it gives users limited swipes every day to avoid people from spamming their accounts and finding potentially serious dating partners. It comes with an amazing feature of leaving a comment on profiles you like, you can leave an ice breaker in your favorite profiles and possibly start a conversation. Initially, this app was designed to connect mutual friends but now it has changed a lot to find matches on the basis of the neighborhood you select. Hinge is a free app but you can buy digital assets to gift such as Virtual Roses to impress your date. Everything is good about this game except the match-finding algorithm that will do everything except finding the right match for you. The app is free to use but also offers membership of 30$ a month.



OKCupid has a very different approach to finding perfect matches by asking a questionnaire. This app asks users to make profiles in-depth to help people know each other just by having a look at their profiles. It also offers a match percentage based on interests to help people know better about their possible future dates. OkCupid is also owned by the same company that owns Tinder and has gotten changes similar to Tinder.
In most dating apps, people need to match first in order to send messages, OkCupid allows you to send a message even before you get a match with someone but your message will only show up after you match with the person. In short, OKCupid offers very detailed profiles and also allows users to send ice breakers even before matching with the person but restricts its visibility until the match is made to avoid offensive messages and fake profiles to spam DMs.



Bumble is a very interesting app as in this app the rules are in favor of men. Women require to message first and wait for a reply from men and a 24 hr timeout adds the cherry on top. This dating app is especially for insecure males who are afraid to initiate a conversation with a woman in real life and even on dating apps. This app also comes with a BFF feature which focuses on making new friends.



We saw many casual dating apps till now but if you have an LTR (Long Term Relationship) mindset or you are finding your better half to spend your life with then Match is the perfect app for you. Match is the favorite app of people looking for a serious commitment or thinking about getting married. Match is a paid app and that’s why it eliminates the people looking for casual dating.
The signup procedure is very detailed and asks you questions like your name, age, height, planning about kids, smoking habits, and whatnot. Match makes sure that your partner knows about you in detail. In the free subscription, you get limited messages in the “Top Picks” section selected by the Match app. Match also offers a premium membership in which you get unlimited messages, likes, and transparency mode to see who likes your profile. This app also offers a one-on-one talk feature with a dating expert in order to help you with your dating experience. The premium subscription costs from 18$ to 30$ monthly plan depending on the time period you opt for.



HER is the world’s largest free dating app for lesbian and queer women. This app also provides news on local meet-ups and portrays it as a community app. This app is a free-to-use app but like other dating apps comes with a premium membership starting at 15$. HER offers a UI similar to Tinder and is all about swiping profiles, left swipe means you’re not interested and a right one means you are interested. HER is specially designed for women so guys you should try the above-mentioned dating apps.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is the Mega Personal Dating App safe to use?

Ans. As mentioned earlier this app is a completely safe app to use. Mega Personal also takes care of your privacy and never stores your personal data or shares it with others. The developers of the app take care of your privacy integrity and your data on their servers for profiling. It is the safest dating app out there no cap.

Q2. Is Mega Personal Dating App APK available on Playstore?

Ans. Unfortunately the Mega Personal Dating app APK is not available on Playstore but you can easily download the file from our website or from the official website. No need to worry as it is completely safe its just that there are some policies of Playstore that this app doesn’t follow.

Q3. Is Mega Personal Dating app for lesbians and gays?

Ans. The answer to the question is yes. Mega Personal is for everyone from any gender or any gender orientation. No matter if you are gay, lesbian, homo, or anything you can find your perfect match on this app.

Mega Personal Problems

People nowadays are getting an error message on their Mega Personal app that is Error 701. In this part of this post, we are gonna tell you everything about Error 701 and how to fix it.

What is Mega Personal Error 701?

Users are getting an error message of Error 701 on their PC, iOS, and Android devices which is a system-generated error code that usually pops up when the system resources get busy and the system is running low on memory. This error pops up when the system gets interrupted while fetching your IP information.

How to fix Mega Personal Error 701?

There are millions of users of the Mega Personal Dating app and most of them are facing this Error 701 issue. There are a few steps that you can try to fix the error:

  1. The first thing you can do to fix this error is you can free up some storage on your device. You can delete unused applications to free up space on your device and that can fix the issue. If you cannot delete the files or apps you can make a backup of the files on the cloud or any external device.
  2. If the first step doesn’t work you can try cleaning up the registry of your device. Resetting your device’s registry can help to fix this issue.
  3. If the above two steps didn’t work for you you can try fixing the issue by scanning your device for malware or viruses. You can try reliable anti-virus software like Avast, Norton, or Quick Heal.

All of the above steps can hopefully fix the issue on your Mega Personal Dating App APK and if they don’t you can try a new fresh install.


Putting everything in brief Mega Personal Dating app is the best dating app you can have on the internet. It protects your privacy, makes sure that you get only legit and verified profiles, provides a high-quality video call feature, and still costs nothing. If you are single and looking for a serious or casual relationship or even a hookup you won’t get disappointed with this app. Wait no more grab the app and start dating.

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