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Poke Abby is a new-era 3D role-playing game that offers real-time sound expressions and animations that makes the overall experience really intuitive and addictive. The main character of the game Abby is a very nicely designed character with very attractive features and expressions.
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Oxo Potion
1 April 2022
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Poke Abby APK: If you love role-playing games trust me this game is gonna blow your mind. This is the game of your dreams that you would have ever dreamt of. Poke Abby will take you into a 3D world of desires. It is a 3D game from the Erotic Grown-up Genre developed by one of the renowned names in the Grown-up Games world Oxo Potion.
This game gives you a role of a ghost who finds Abby who’s the main attraction of this game. Abby is really beautiful and cute and is wandering in a classroom. As a ghost, you can do whatever you want with Abby like rubbing, spooking, or poking her. Abby is a very pleasing character in the game who will invite you to play anything with her to satisfy your fantasies. You can have so much fun with Abby that you will get addicted to this game. Features of Abby are really tempting and can make you fall for her and you can get addicted so much that you will play this game all day and night.

What is Poke Abby APK?

Poke Abby APK
Poke Abby Customization

Poke Abby APK is a free-to-download and plays Grown-up Game that is in the hot tech news nowadays. The reason behind its popularity is Abby herself who is the main character of the game. Abby is a very tempting character in the game and the whole game revolves around her. You will also find many easter eggs in this game which will double your excitement for the gaming. This whole game is a role-playing game with amazing 3D graphics and features. Poke Abby is full of features and in-game actions that can make you get addicted to the game.

Poke Abby Latest Version Download

Poke Abby ios download

As told earlier Poke Abby is a Grown-up Game and you cannot find it on Playstore but no need to worry, we got your back. You can easily download the Poke Abby APK from our website just by following the steps and you are good to go. All you need to do is follow the steps and you can easily download and enjoy the game.

How to Download Poke Abby APK?

To download and install the Poke Abby APK all you need is to follow the steps below. Before you start following the steps make sure you are connected to the internet and with a stable connection:

  1. To go to the download page click on the green Download button under the Poke Abby logo.
  2. After you click on the download button, you will be redirected to the Poke Abby download page.
  3. Wait for 10 seconds to generate the unique Download Link and then click on the generated Download Link.
  4. Once the file is downloaded click on the package to start the installation process.
  5. If you get a pop-up of Install from unknown sources then enable that feature from there or from your device settings menu.
  6. After you have enabled the above click on the Install button to install the app.
  7. Yay! you have successfully installed the Poke Abby APK.

Features of Poke Abby APK:

Poke Abby is full of features that will make you fall in love with the game. Let us not waste our time and dive deep into the features of Poke Abby.

1. 3D Graphics

One of the best features of this game is that it is completely designed in 3D graphics that make the gaming experience very realistic. Abby the character and the classroom everything is very well designed and are in 3D graphics.

2. Intuitive Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is super cool as when you do anything with Abby she reacts to it in real-time and gives very realistic expressions. The real-time expressions and sound effects enhance the overall experience by manifolds.

3. Smooth Animations

Abby the main character of the game does really smooth animations when reacting to touches or any kind of action by the user. The in-game animations are very well designed and smooth and don’t feel choppy at all.

4. Free to Download

Poke Abby is completely free to download and play and never asks you for any kind of registration or payment. Offering so much and that too for free is really hard to find nowadays. If you love to play free games you can check our Games section and can find the latest and greatest games.

5. Character Design

The main attraction of the game is Abby herself and she is really the reason you will be playing this game for. Abby is very well thought out and beautifully designed making her very appealing and mesmerizing.

Character customization in Poke Abby

Poke Abby iOS Download
Poke Abby Outfits

There are a ton of websites telling you about the Poke Abby APK in a very vague manner. We will tell you about Poke Abby APK in a very detailed manner. Let’s start with a very unique feature of this game which is also a very deciding feature for every player playing the game. This feature is the Character customization feature of the game which is really important as it lets you change the entire character i.e. Abby in the game. You can customize Abby on the basis of your preferences and make her look like the girl from your fantasies. There are a variety of accessories and outfits to completely overhaul the look of Abby. From the headgear to ears or skin color you can change each and everything of Abby in the game and make her as you want. You can also add accessories like earrings, neckbands, and even handcuffs.

You get a variety of options to choose from in every customization element. Players can be as creative as you can be and that makes this game feature even more interesting. There are limitless possibilities for customizing Abby. When you customize Abby the entire gameplay gets changed and she makes the experience completely fresh every time she arrives in a new avatar. Abby is the center of attraction in the game and she has got nice assets to show. You can customize her looks to make her look like a maid or even a magician. In Poke Abby, you are the man in charge and can do things according to your will.

Accessories and Outfits for Abby

There is a huge list of accessories and outfits for Abby to make her look from cute to sizzling hot. Let’s know more about the options that we get in the game for customizing Abby.

Hair Customization

Poke Abby also gives you the option to change the hair length of Abby but in this particular option, you only get 2 options. You can either go for a Normal or Shorthair type for Abby. But when it comes to changing the hair color you can change Abby’s hair color to 13 different color options. You get options like Black, Brown, Orange, Yellow, and many more.

Skin Color

When it comes to customizing skin color you can change Abby’s skin color in 11 different color options and make her skin look the way you want.

Ear Type

You can also change Abby’s ear and make it look like a dog’s ears, pony’s ears and etc. You get a total of 8 different ear options to choose from like pointed, dog, pony, bunny, etc.


Earrings look so adorable on girls and add a character to the person. You can put on earrings on Abby and also get 3 different earring options to choose from.


We have never seen a girl with horns except for a devil girl but yes you also get options to put on horns as accessories on Abby’s head. You get options like cow, goat, dragon, and the most favorite demon horns. Not only this you can also change the horn color and get multiple colors to choose from.


Yes, it may sound funny but you also get an option to put tails as a body part on Abby. You get 3 options to choose from

  1. None
  2. Small
  3. Large
    She’s your Abby put a tail on or off it’s completely your choice.

Outfits for Abby

Now comes the most amazing customizing feature i.e. Abby’s outfit. This feature changes a lot in how Abby looks in the game and is a very important feature. You get a variety of outfits to choose from and these outfits are more like role play costumes. By default, Abby is in a Fall outfit which is quite decent but yes options are always welcome. Her summer outfit is more like a school uniform from high school times. There is a Onepiece too in the wardrobe to choose from which is of blue color and looks very sizzling. You can also put on a bikini on Abby and also a bunny dress which is more like a cosplay costume.
If you want to see Abby in yoga shorts and top then you can also go for the yoga costume. Abby can also be your maid but only for roleplay in the game as she also has an outfit of a maid. Sometimes we are in a casual mood and so we want things to be and yes you get an option to put Abby into a casual Sunday outfit. The outfits don’t end here you can also turn Abby into a witch by putting on the witch costume in which she wears a witch outfit and the wizard hat. If you are a beachhead then you will love the bikini outfit which is really sizzling.


Headbands are always a great compliment to the outfit of a character and you get options for headbands too. You get many different types of headbands like cat, pony, goat, bunny, and dog.


The fun is all about putting a collar around a virtual girl character. The collar is not only for dogs it’s a lot more fun when it’s on a 3D game girl character. You get options like a normal collar, shackle collar, studded collar, carrot collar, paw collar, bell collar, and a bone collar too.


You also get the option to put on glasses, Abby. There are 3 different options for glasses Full moon, Half moon, and Oval.

Miscellaneous Accessory

Apart from all this huge list of accessories you also get an extra 2 in the miscellaneous option as a bunny tail and an Oxo mask.

How to download Poke Abby for iOS?

Nowadays there are many games and apps for Android, Windows, and Gaming Consoles but there are very few for iOS-based devices such as iPhones, and iPads. You are very lucky that Poke Abby is available for iOS-based devices and you can enjoy the game on your iPhones and iPads too. The toughest part about sideloading apps on iOS devices is that people don’t know the right way. Apple restricts sideloading apps on their iOS-based devices but with the right tools and procedure, you can do that easily. Let’s start with the steps to download Poke Abby for iOS devices.

  1. Before installing anything on your iOS device you will need the IPA file of Poke Abby. To download the IPA file click on the Download button for iOS.
  2. After the IPA file is downloaded you will need Altstore to sideload the app on your iOS device.
  3. All store can easily spoof the Apple restrictions and validations without risking your device.
  4. After installing the Altstore you can follow the installation procedure from a very trusted website
  5. Follow the Altstore procedure on the referred website and install the Poke Abby game.
  6. Booyah! you are good to go and have fun with Abby.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is Poke Abby a free-to-download game?

Ans. As mentioned before, yes Poke Abby is a free-to-download game and never asks for payment or even your payment details. You don’t need your bank details to play this game and even in the future, this game is going to remain free.

Q2. Where can I find the Poke Abby original APK?

Ans. If you want to download the original Poke Abby APK you can find it on our website which is completely safe to download and free from any kind of malware or suspicious virus.

Q3. Is Poke Abby for Windows PC?

Ans. Yes, you can download an emulator and play the game on your PC easily. You can also grab the .exe file to directly run the game on your PC.


It’s really tough to put down all the features and experience Poke Abby APK brings to you in a few words. Poke Abby is a new-era 3D role-playing game that offers real-time sound expressions and animations that makes the overall experience really intuitive and addictive. The main character of the game Abby is a very nicely designed character with very attractive features and expressions. You will love the way this game provides you with an experience that is very realistic. You can not go wrong with Poke Abby APK when it comes to role-playing games. The only drawback about this game is that you can get highly addicted to this game.

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What's new

  • Improved stability.
  • New sound and animations.
  • iOS installation guide.

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