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Gcam APK is a powerful image and video processing application offering Google Camera ports. With this application, you get a powerful HDR+ effect in portrait mode. This application supports all Android devices.
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1 August 2022
Android 5.0+
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Gcam APK Download

Gcam APK: Android phones generally feature an average camera and most of the camera performance is related to camera optimization. Google’s Gcam APK packs all the software optimization needed for the best image and video results. Gcam helps average Android phones to take great pictures and videos with the help of the advanced imaging algorithm and optimization. Gcam offers a ton of features and can make your average phone camera into a great camera.

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What is Gcam APK?

Gcam APK is a powerful image and video processing application offering Google Camera ports. With this application, you get a powerful HDR+ effect in portrait mode. This application supports all Android devices.

Gcam APK Download

When it comes to photography and videography nothing can beat Google Camera. Even if you are not a Google phone user you can get some high-quality images using Gcam APK. There are several features this application offers that will blow your mind off. You will never believe the effects this application will bring to your photos and videos. Without over-editing the image you will get a real feel and depth in your shots. With a prime shot, you can easily maintain the motion to avoid blurry images. The best part about this application is the portrait mode in which you get sharp images with blur background. This application also offers night sight to take clear shots without using flash in the dark. The night sight mode of the application brightens the shot for you and highlights all details and colors. If you also want to give life to your dull camera images and videos try Gcam APK.

How to download Gcam APK?

Gcam APK is free to download and use on any Android device with Camera2API support. You can find this application on PlayStore for free. If you are having trouble finding this application on PlayStore you can always download it from our site The process to download and install this app on an Android device is given below:

  1. For any Android device first, you need to enable the ‘Download from this source’ option from the app settings.
  2. Once necessary permissions are granted. Then, click on the download button to generate the download link.
  3. Wait for 10 seconds for the download link to generate.
  4. Once the link generates successfully, you can tap on the link to start downloading.
  5. Wait for the download to finish. You will find the APK in your File Explorer or Downloads of the browser.
  6. Tap on the APK file to install the application smoothly. Tap on the ‘Install’ button.
  7. Once done you will be able to take breathtaking shots from your phone’s camera without investing in a DSLR.

Features of Gcam APK

Gcam APK Download

As social media is influencing and motivating a lot of creators people find it difficult to take good images and videos. Even with any camera on a smartphone, you can take amazing shots using Gcam APK. This application is loaded with features that you can read below:

Exposure Control

Are you also tired of fluctuating exposures in your images and videos? Worry not with Gcam APK you will have the option to lock exposure that is maintained throughout the shot.


This feature allows you to take an amazing shot during low-light situations. The HDR+ feature of this application makes images look realistic.

Portrait Mode

Who doesn’t love portraits? With this app, you can take sharp portraits of yourself and others.

Prime Shot

If you have friends who always like photo bombing and it gets annoying after some time. This feature is your savior. It will automatically detect the most effective image for you from multiple shots it takes in a moment.

Super Zoom

When taking zoom images people always complain about blurring and low quality of the image. With the super res zoom feature, this problem is solved. You will get sharp images even while taking zoom shots.

Night Mode

Gcam APK offers night sight to take clearer shots during the dark. Without using the flash of your smartphone you will be able to see clear details and colors using night sight mode.

Simple UI

The interface of this application is user-friendly and simple. You can easily navigate through the application to find different effects to apply.

Stable Videos

With effective and smart EIS technology you will not feel extra noise in videos. Even if you have shaky hands the application will automatically stabilize the video for you.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is it safe to download Gcam APK?

Ans. Yes, this application is completely safe and trusted to download and use on any Android device. On our site, we only update the most secure and latest applications for our users. You can feel free to download this application from our site.

Q2. Does Gcam APK support Android devices?

Ans. Yes, this application is specially designed for Android devices. Even non-google devices support this application. For this application to work smoothly your device should support Camera2API. This is the best Google Camera port for all non-Google devices in the market.

Q3. How can I download Gcam APK?

Ans. This application is freely available for all Android devices. You can find the download link on our site or you can also download it from PlayStore.

Q4. What are the basic requirements to use Gcam APK?

Ans. To make sure this application runs smoothly on your device you should have Android version 5 and above. And your device should have a picture element with Golem eleven. To use this app with your camera hardware effectively it should support Camera2API. There are no software requirements to run this application your device hardware should be compatible.


Images and videos are the primary means of storing memories in today’s lifestyle. Whenever you go out with friends and families you take pictures and videos. These are the digital means of keeping a moment alive for a lifetime. Don’t let your average camera spoil the shot for you. With the advanced features of Gcam APK, you can enhance your photography experience.

This application offers additional effects and quality to your media that you can’t get in ordinary phone cameras. And if you are a social animal and love to make recollections this application is a must-have for you. You can easily download this application from our site for free. Hurry up! before your camera ruins another moment for you.

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