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How to get Spotify Premium APK Free on Android and iOS?


If you are someone who can't compromise on the quality of music then Spotify is the app for you. The Premium becomes even better as it comes with features like No-ads, Offline Mode, Unlimited Skips, Group Listening, and really high-quality music streaming settings. Spotify Premium APK is a no-brainer for music heads as it will take your music experience to a whole new level.
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Spotify Premium APK: If you are a music head then you must have heard of Spotify Premium APK. Music plays a very important role in our lives. So the music we listen to should be high quality. Spotify Premium APK is an amazing music app that provides super high-quality audio and amazing features to make it the perfect music app for you. In this article, we will read about everything about the Spotify Premium APK and its features and reasons that make it the only music app that you will ever need.

Spotify Premium APK Download

What is Spotify Premium APK?

Before we read about the Spotify Premium APK let us first know about the Spotify APK. Spotify APK is a digital platform that is infamous for streaming high-quality music, and podcasts, and especially for its amazing playlists. You can access millions of tracks from creators worldwide. Spotify was released in the year 2008 and currently has widespread to a total of 79 countries around the globe. Spotify has a very huge user base of around 290 million monthly active users. You can create your own playlists and share them with your family and friends too. The app’s user interface is also very polished and provides a very premium vibe.

How to get Spotify Premium APK for Free?

There are multiple ways to get Spotify Premium APK for free. In this article, we will tell you about the most practical and legit ones.

1. Free Premium Trial

This is widely used by a lot of users as it is offered upfront from Spotify. You can opt-in for a 1-month free trial period to get the Spotify Premium subscription for free but that will be limited to 30 days. After the end of the trial period, you will be charged 9.99$ a month for an Individual subscription plan which will allow you to use 1 device per subscription with all the Premium features unlocked.
Note: 1-month free trial will not be available for users who have tried Premium in the past.

2. Download a Spotify Premium APK from

If you don’t want to spend a single cent or you don’t have a budget of 9.99$ a month to take the Premium subscription of Spotify then you can download the mod APK from our website for free. You will get all the features of the Spotify Premium APK for free. This is unethical and we will also suggest getting the Premium subscription from the official website.

Spotify Premium APK iOS

Spotify Premium is also available for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. You can download the Spotify app from Apple’s app store and then opt for a Premium Subscription plan in the subscription option provided the in the app menu. The app offers similar features to the Android version of the app and also charges the same amount.

Spotify Premium Cost

Spotify Premium is available for a nominal price of 9.99$ a month. It is a bit on the costly side but we will help you to save some bucks on it. You can make wise decisions to save some bucks on the Premium Spotify Subscription. If you are a couple then you can save almost 35% of the cost of the Premium Subscription by opting for the Duo plan which only costs 12.99$ a month for 2 Premium accounts. It is an amazing money-saver plan for couples. We will tell you more about the plans in the next section of Spotify Premium Plans.

Spotify Premium Plans (Tips to Save Extra)

Spotify Premium is available in a variety of plans to provide a bunch of options to its users with different requirements. Some of the plans that Spotify offers are really a steal deal and provide you the most out of your bucks. Let us begin with the basic plans and know everything about the best plans available.

Spotify Individual Plan

This plan is for single individuals who want to use the Spotify Premium features. It costs 9.99$ a month for one Spotify Premium account. People find it a bit costly but if you are a single individual and want to use the amazing features of Spotify Premium and carry your music with you then you can go for this. Else you can know more about the other features.

Spotify Duo Plan

This plan is amazing for couples who love to listen to good music. This plan only costs 12.99$ and as the name suggests offers 2 Spotify Premium Accounts. This Duo plan saves around 65% which makes it an awesome plan for music head couples.

Spotify Family Plan

Now coming to the Spotify Family Plan, this plan is great for people who stay with their families. It offers a total of 6 Spotify Premium Accounts for just 15.99$ per month. It also comes with benefits like Block Explicit music to make sure that children of the family don’t listen to any sort of explicit music available on Spotify. Not only this but it also offers a separate app for kids, called Spotify Kids.

Spotify Student Plan

Last but not least this plan is specially designed for the students. Spotify offers an amazing plan specially made for students. This plan offers a Premium subscription for just 4.99$ a month. As students don’t have a lot of money they can definitely go with this plan to save a lot of money. It also adds up a Hulu Plan but with ads for the students with all the benefits of the Spotify Premium subscription.

Features of Spotify Free App

Spotify does not restrict users to buy their Premium Subscription plan and also offers a ton of features in the free subscription.

Discover: Ths feature tracks the user’s listening habits and suggests them music related to their taste in music.

Complete Access to the Music Library: Spotify Premium also lets users access the complete library of music and podcasts even with a free subscription. You can access around 80 million songs and 2.7 million podcasts available on Spotify.

Decent Quality: The free Spotify allows you to listen to music at a bitrate of 128 Kbps which is quite a decent quality.

Multiple Device Support: Even the free version of Spotify supports multiple devices like PC, PS5, Xbox Series, Smartphones and etc.

Advantages of Spotify Premium App over the Free Version

Ad-free Music- First and foremost this is the most important feature of Spotify Premium APK as it never shows you any ads. You can enjoy interruption-free music anytime and anywhere.

Take your Music Offline: You can download tracks and podcasts with the help of Spotify Premium APK.

Very High-Quality Audio: Spotify Premium offers really high-quality music at 320 kbps which is a delight to the ears. You can clearly listen to the highs, mids, and lows in the song. The instrument separation is also very evident and even the volume is louder.

Options for Streaming Quality: In the Premium subscription you get to toggle between multiple qualities for streaming audio when you are connected to wifi or mobile data. You can switch to the Very high quality which will improve the audio quality manifolds and even the volume gets louder. You can clearly listen to the difference when you are connected to a home-theater system or your car’s music system.

Repeat Feature: This feature is locked on the free version and you can’t listen to the same track on repeat. This feature also comes in handy at times when you are stuck with a really good song.

Group Listening: This is a very cool feature as it allows you to listen to the same music as other Premium users. This feature is exclusive and works flawlessly and you can enjoy your favorite music with your favorite people. This really helps people to socialize through music and have a better understanding between couples and families.

Spotify Premium for iOS for Free

Are you looking for Spotify Premium for iOS devices?
You are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything about the iOS version of Spotify Premium APK and how to download and install it on your iOS device. Make sure to read all the steps carefully to download and install Spotify Premium for iOS.

  • Step 1: At the start, you have to open Safari browser and visit our website.
  • Step 2: If you are already on our website you have to click on the Download button under the Spotify Premium APK.
  • Step 3: You will get 2 download links, click on the Download for iOS button and download the file.
  • Step 4: Once the file has been downloaded you will get a pop-up on your iOS device, tap on the “Close” button.
  • Step 5: Now go to your device settings and open the downloaded file. Go to the install option of the downloaded package, you might require to enter your passcode to progress further.
  • Step 6: After the App Valley installation has been completed, go to your home screen and find the “App Valley” icon.
  • Step 7: Tap and Open the App Valley and search for “Spotult ++“, and tap on the get button to install Spotify Premium for iOS.
  • Step 8: After the installation gets completed, open the Spotify Premium ++. You will get a prompt “App’s developer not trusted” message. Go to the device settings and enable the option of trusting the developer to access Spotify Premium iOS.

Features of Spotify Premium Mod APK

We already told you everything about the Free and the Premium version and now we will tell you about the features of the Freemium Spotify version.

  • Ad-Free Music- Yes the freemium Spotify offers you all the goodness including ad-free music from the original Premium app.
  • Take Music and Podcasts Offline- You can download complete podcasts and music tracks with just a simple click and even select the quality. You can carry your music wherever you want and listen to it whenever you want, isn’t that amazing!
  • No Jailbreak- There are many apps available for iOS devices for free but you need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to install the apps. Spotify ++ on the other doesn’t need you to jailbreak your phone.
  • Unlimited Skips- Yes, this might seem frustrating but the free version doesn’t offer you unlimited skips. But don’t worry Spotify Freemium offers unlimited skips and can skip as many tracks as you want.
  • Free Premium Subscription- This is by far the most significant advantage of Freemium Spotify as it gives you all the goodness of the Premium subscription without spending a single penny. You get all the Premium features except one, selecting Very High Quality in the settings option for connection based on wifi streaming or cellular streaming.

How to install Spotify on iOS Devices?

As we mentioned above, Spotify is available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, PS5, and Xbox Series as well. All of the different platforms have different installing procedures. To install Spotify on iOS devices you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the App Store and search for Spotify in the search bar.
  2. Once, you are on the Spotify app’s page, click on the “Blue Cloud” button under the app’s icon.
  3. After the installation, open the app and create your account through Facebook, Google, or even using your phone number.
  4. After your account has been created you will get all the popular singers in small tiles to choose from to make a customized music library just for you. Select at least 3 singers and tap on Next.
  5. Now you can enjoy your favorite music in high quality and a very customized playlist.

Does Spotify Premium justify its Premium pricing?

Still, confused that Spotify Premium justifies its cost or not?
If we consider all the features on offer by Spotify Premium Subscription then yes, Spotify Premium definitely justifies the premium cost for all the features on offer. It offers way better quality music and even the ability to download music and even podcasts. You can carry your music wherever you want and listen to it even when you are offline or have no access to the internet. This feature alone is very useful while we are traveling and we have no internet or bad reception.
Spotify also offers a huge library of music and podcasts to choose from and also recommends very relatable music on the basis of the user’s music taste. Spotify Premium also offers a completely interruption-free user experience as it never shows ads. I would rather suggest that you as a user should first take the trial period of the premium subscription and yourself experience the premium user experience. I bet you will definitely go for the premium subscription after using the premium features for a month. The cost of a premium subscription is really minor around 9.99$ and you can further save your bucks if you follow our tips and tricks to save extra on the premium subscription. In case you missed the tips to save your money on the premium subscription you can read them in the Spotify Premium Plans (Tips to Save Extra) section.

Final Verdict on Spotify Premium APK

If you are someone who can’t compromise on the quality of music then Spotify is the app for you. The Premium becomes even better as it comes with features like No-ads, Offline Mode, Unlimited Skips, Group Listening, and really high-quality music streaming settings. Spotify Premium APK is a no-brainer for music heads as it will take your music experience to a whole new level. You can make a wise decision and save some extra bucks on the Premium subscription by following the (Tips to Save Extra).

What are you waiting for? Go and level up your music with Spotify Premium APK. In case you want to download the original app, click here.

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