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Joy Pony is a free-to-download Virtual Pet game. As the name suggests you will have to take care of a pony you found inside a box. On launching, you'll get options to customize your pet's look.
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18 Nov, 2021
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Games are of many categories and one of the popular ones are simulation games, Joy Pony is a new and popular simulation game developed by AA games. In this game, you have to take care of a Pony that is dirty and hungry. Your job is to take care of it, so make sure to feed the pony, bathe the pony, and keep her happy by playing with it. It’s a free-to-download game in which you’ll find a pony inside a box and your role is to keep her happy. Joy Pony comes with gameplay that’ll remind you of My Talking Tom and Pou. Most of your time you’ll be taking care of the pony and your task is to keep the pony happy. This game lacks a tutorial and it may be difficult for new players as the pony just knows to cry.

What is Joy Pony apk?

Joy Pony is a free-to-download Virtual Pet game. As the name suggests you will have to take care of a pony you found inside a box. On launching, you’ll get options to customize your pet’s look. There’s a slider that changes the color and even features like hairs and eyes of the pony. Once finished customizing her looks you can take it home and play with it.

The goal is to keep the pony happy by taking care of its overall wellbeing. There are various options available on the screen to take care of the pony. The options include almost everything that you need to take care of your pet. Options like bandages and medicines are also included but absurdly you also get options to hit and cut the pony as punishments. To advance in the game you also need to complete tasks to earn coins besides taking care of the pony. If you will leave your pony unattended for a while she will die and you will have to make a new one, so make sure that you don’t leave her crying or hurt and try to figure out what the pony wants.

It may sound easy to play but the game is a bit confusing for players as it lacks a tutorial. The settings of the game are not in English which creates a lot of confusion as the pony does nothing but cry. The controls are also absurd as it allows you to drag the pony around and drop it unceremoniously on the floor. Make sure you don’t hurt the pony and if you accidently do then make sure to do the proper treatment as you would do to a hurt pony in real life.

Features of Joy Pony apk

Zoom-in/Zoom-out Button

There are buttons provided to zoom in and out on the screen on the bottom left area of the screen. You can tap the + button to zoom in and the – button to zoom out of the screen.

General Messages

There is a message button on the top right of the screen. Tapping the message button opens up a list of messages which you can use to talk to your pony.

Eye Button

On the top left of the screen, there is an Eye button that toggles the game into only view mode. Tapping the Eye button disables the controls and you will only be able to zoom in and out on the pony.

Movement Button

Tapping on this button will enable you to move the pony. You can move the pony by touching and holding in whichever direction you want.


The play area is a combination of 4 different rooms.

Bathroom – The first area is the bathroom area where you will get multiple controls to bathe the pony.

Kitchen – After the bathroom, next up is the kitchen area in which you can feed the pony.

Entrance Gate

This is the area from where you can go to the store by tapping on the shopping cart button or the work area by tapping on the briefcase button.

  • Store – Here you can buy different food items to feed your pony.
  • Work – You can earn coins by crushing stones with a pickaxe in the work area and later use those coins to either buy food for the pony or upgrade the pickaxe.

Bedroom – Here you’ll find a bed on which you can lay down your pony and do multiple things like feeding, putting on bandages, giving medicines, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1. What is APK Download?

Ans: APK is an extension used for Android applications and stands for Android Package Kit. Even the applications that you download from the Playstore have the same extension i.e. (.apk)

Q2. Is it safe to download the Joy Pony Apk from

Ans: APK files are installed on your phone’s operating system so they pose high security risk. One can modify the APK maliciously to do data breaches into your system or control your device or even take away your bank account credentials. Therefore, you need to make sure that the website you’re downloading from,, is a trustworthy website. We make sure that every file on our website is scanned for any malicious behaviour and is safe to download for our users. We insure safe and easy downloads for every user.

Q3. How to download the APK file?

Ans: You can find the download button above the related application’s article. You can download the APK by simply clicking on the download button and wait for 10 second to generate the download link and then click on the generated link to download the APK file.

Q4. Is Joy Pony a paid application?

Ans: Joy Pony is a free-to-download game but it’s not available on Playstore, but you can download the apk file and sideload it on your phone from our website easily without a hassle.


Joy Pony is a really fun to play simulation game, you will really enjoy taking care of the pony. This game is around 21 Mb in size and can run easily on almost every Android phone out there. If you like playing simulation games you must give it a try. Our team rates it as a 4/5 simulation game.

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