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Incredibox APK is a music app that helps you to create your own music in a fun and interesting way. It has got such an amazing interface that you will fall in love with it. You get to select from a variety of 8 different genres.
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29 January 2022
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Incredibox APK is a music app that helps you to create your own music in a fun and interesting way. It has got such an amazing interface that you will fall in love with it. You get to select from a variety of 8 different genres. All the characters are different from each other and beatbox in different genres. Incredibox APK feels like a game but is a music app and you can create your beatbox music with this app. You get the feature to record your own customized beatbox music. You don’t need to be a professional to make good dynamic music with this app.

There are 8 different genres like Brazil, Alpha, Little Miss, Sunrise, The Love, Alive, Jeevan and Dystopia. You can create amazing music just by dragging the elements on the characters in the app. You can also listen to music created by others in the Live section and also listen to the Top charts in the Top 50 section or can even search for something in the search bar. Initially, the game was published on its official website incredibox.com in 2011, and later the versions for Android and iOS were made available.

What is Incredibox APK?

Incredibox APK Free Download

Incredibox APK is a music-making app with an interface similar to a game. The user interface offered is so intimating that you will get addicted to it. It is a hybrid of a music-making app and game. It provides you with 8 different genres to choose from and create music. You don’t need to be a professional music artist to create melodious beatbox music with this app. It also has a section for ‘Top 50’ and ‘Live’ where you can explore music created by others. The user interface is very simple and interactive and you can create awesome music by dragging and dropping icons on the beatboxers.

You can also record your music and post it in the community and others can also listen to it. You can make good music and get into the Top 50 chart too. This app also provides you with tips and suggestions in order to learn the proper functioning of the app.

How to Play Incredibox?

Incredibox APK Gameplay

Incredibox APK helps you to create amazing-sounding beatbox tracks just by dragging and dropping icons. The game offers 8 different Beatbox characters from different genres, each inspired by different regions and cultures of music. You also get rewards to unlock in the game by creating tracks in a defined order. The rewards are motion graphic clips with an amazing beatbox track. You can create beats by dropping icons on the given beatboxers without a beat. After you drop a beat, the beatboxer will play the tune over and over. By combining the tunes you can easily create a unique track of your own. If you want to listen to a particular beatboxer’s tune you can tap and hold on to the beatboxer and then all the others will stop playing. You can be as creative as you can and make an awesome track out of it.
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Features of Incredibox APK

Incredibox APK comes with amazing features which make the overall user experience delightful. Some of the major features of the app are listed below.

Variety to choose from

Incredibox APK Free Download

Currently, the game offers 8 different music genres to choose from. You can select any genre according to your liking and can make your own music. The 8 music styles offered are:

  1. Alpha: The first musical version of Flash game. Unleash your creativity based on the unique melodies of the game.
  2. Little Miss: This theme is inspired by Hip Hop music. Awards for this theme include Satisfied, Little Miss, and Why This World.
  3. Sunrise: Inspired by Pop music culture. The rewards include Lil ‘Child, Dance, and Sunrise.
  4. The Love: Inspired by French House music. Rewards include Baby, Follow, and Eagle.
  5. Brazil: Purely inspired by Brazilian music. The rewards include Felicidade, Chegou, and Musica.
  6. Alive: Taken tones from Japanese music. Rewards include Alive, Busta, and VR.
  7. Jeevan: Inspired by authentic Indian music background. Rewards for this theme include Kafi tez, Sapna, and Kabikabi.
  8. Dystopia: Inspired by Cyberpunk culture. The only bonus in this music style is the Riviera.

Record your tracks

Apart from listening to the track, you make in this app you can also record your track and post it on social media platforms. You can find Incredibox videos on Youtube with millions of views. You can easily record the music you create in this app by just tapping the Record button in the options.

Share your music with the community

Incredibox also creates a Music Social Community where players can post their beatbox mixes. You can rank in the Top 50 charts by getting views and likes on your Mix. Not only this but as mentioned above you can record your mixes and music videos and post them on other social media platforms like Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, and many more.

Automatic Mode

Incredibox APK also provides an Automatic mix feature when you are not in the mood to make your own mix. Just by tapping on the Automatic button, the Incredibox will create a mix on its own and you can listen and jam to it.

Multiple Language Support

An artist can be from anywhere and so is the need for multiple language support. Incredibox APK supports not just 5 or 10 but 23 different languages like English, French, Hindi, Russian, and many more.

Kabi Kabi Incredibox Gameplay

Kabi Kabi Incredibox is the best musical app that you can ever get as this app lets you construct your own music. The whole gameplay is so intriguing that you will get in the flow with the music. You can create really good music and also get a variety of genres to choose from. The best part about this game is that you don’t need skillset learning to create good music, all you need is a good taste in music and you can make a groovy track. You also get to change the track by simply placing the characters in a different order. The best part about this app is that it feels like a game but it is a music production application. You can compose your track and share it on social media platforms to get a really good audience as Kabi Kabi Incredibox is really popular and people often look for music videos created by Kabi Kabi Incredibox.

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Creating music can not be more fun than Incredibox. It’s hands down the best beatbox track mixer game cum app. You get 8 different music styles to choose from and huge language support. This app is so fun to use that you can easily get addicted to the user interface and the amazing tunes. You don’t need to be a professional in the field of music to create good mixes on this app. While mixing music you also get rewards in which musical clips of motion graphics are played. In short it’s a fun way to create beatbox music and you can also share your mixes over other social media platforms.

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