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Feet Finder APK is the best application to find the unique content of feet. There are a number of categories to choose from along with sample content to see. You can either be buyer or a seller and use this application according to your need. The buyers can easily find sellers and ask them for specific content giving them a good offer.
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6 July 2022
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Feet Finder APK

Are you also one of the fantasy people who likes feet images, Feet Finder APK is the prefect platform for you? With options to buy or sell feet images you can use this app as per your need. This application is age restricted so you need to verify your age at the time of sign-up. The user can select the option to be a buyer or seller at the time of sign-up. If you create your account as a seller, you will get requests from different buyer for the type of photo/video they want.

This application allows transparent negotiation and exchange of images. The buyer gets a blur image that they can finalize and after payment they get the whole image. This application is the most secure platform to share and get images and videos of feet. If you are also looking for some cool and cute feet images of your favorite seller. Download this app and ask them to provide you your desired content.  

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What is Feet Finder APK?

Feet Finder APK Download

Feet Finder APK is a free platform to exchange feet content in terms of images and videos. It is fully secure application with no nudity. If the admin finds any account with misleading or inappropriate content they can remove or ban the account. You don’t have to worry about your privacy getting invaded. Inside the application you can find feet content of different categories like dirty feet, cute feet, manicure feet, and more. You can choose from multiple options and see sample images.

The user interface makes it easy to navigate and find your favorite content creator. You can easily search the specific person by typing their name in the search bar. This application is perfect place to find your fantasy feet content for free. You can find the download link for this application on our site.  

How does Feet Finder APK work?

Feet Finder APK is a secure and free platform to share feet content. This platform is available for both buyers and sellers of feet content. The content can be images or videos depending on the user’s requirement.

When you download this application, you will be asked your age to make sure you are a mature person. There is a lot of free content available on the app that you can see without sign-up. This makes this application easy to navigate and find free content. You can choose your favorite category from high heels, dirty feet, male, socks, lotion, and more.

To use this application properly and get custom content. You need to register on the application. At the time of creating account user can either be a buyer or a seller. Depending on the selection the user interface will be customized.

Who are Buyers?

Buyers are basically people who are looking for feet content to purchase. They search for their preferred seller and pitch their offer. The buyers can specify their requirement along with the amount they will offer to the seller. They send request to the sellers and wait for the seller’s response. Real time notifications are sent to the buyer when seller response to them. If the seller accepts the offer, they will get blur image of the final content as preview. Once the payment to the seller is done only then the whole content is accessible to the buyer.

Who are Sellers?

Sellers are people who are selling they feet content in terms of images or videos. They get request from buyers and if they like the offer they accept. The seller can accept, reject or negotiate the offer they get. They can easily communicate to the seller and ask for negotiation in the offer or the content description. If they reject any offer, they will give a short description of the reason for rejection. Once they are done with the final product they can send to the buyer and get their payment.

Features of Feet Finder APK

Feet Finder APK Download

This application is full of amazing features that makes it one of its kind. People love this application because of following features:

Free of Cost

This application is totally free to install and use and you can ever see a lot of free content.

Custom Filter

You can easily filter the creator you want to see or the type of content you want to see. This application is very user friendly and keeps your requirements fulfilled.

Multiple Categories

There are number of different categories that you can choose for your content. The most popular categories are High heels, soles, nail-polish, lotion, dirty feet, male, and more.

Easy Deals

Through this application you can easily find buyers and sellers. The seller can also negotiate with the buyer in terms of money and content description.

Optimized Search

The search engine inside this application is very accurate and secure to use. You can easily find the seller you want to buy content from.

Safe Banking

This application allows you to connect your bank account for fast and secure money transfer. You will get your payment directly in your registered bank account.

Account Monitoring

The admins of the application monitor the registered accounts. If they find any account with inappropriate content they can ban or delete the account. It keeps you safe from misleading content.

Pros and Cons

This application just like any other application contains its own pros and cons. You can go through some common pros and cons of this application before downloading.


  • Totally free to use application.
  • Easy to search of sellers through search bar
  • Safe payment mode
  • Data security to keep your privacy intact


  • You need good internet connection to use this application properly.
  • The design of the application is very basic that can be improved.

How to download Feet Finder APK?

Feet Finder APK Download

Feet Finder APK is a free to download application for Android users. If you are not able to find this application on PlayStore. You can easily download it from our site by following below steps:

  1. To download this application without facing issues you need to have a good internet connection. Make sure to give the necessary permission at the time of download.
  2. First, click on the download button avaible in the article.
  3. Wait for 10 seconds to redirect to the download link page.
  4. Once the download link generates. Click on the link to start the download process.
  5. After successful download of the APK file. You can tap on the file to start installation.
  6. Click on the ‘Install’ button and wait for installation to complete.
  7. After successful installation you can use the application and find your favorite content.

It a widely used application for sharing feet images and videos securely. The accounts are monitored thoroughly to check any inappropriate activity. So, you can feel free to use this application.  

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is it safe to download Feet Finder APK from ApkFreeB?

Ans. Yes, it is completely safe and free to download this application from our site for your Android device. Our technical team tests all the applications on our site for malware that can harm your device. After passing all test cases they APK files are made available for you to download. You don’t have to worry about safety when you download application from our site. We provide latest and secure applications to all the users.

Q2. Does Feet Finder APK support Android devices?

Ans. Yes, this application supports all Android devices with version 5 and above. It is totally free to download and use. You can find the download link on our site along with steps to download in how-to-download section.  


Feet Finder APK is the best application to find unique content of feet. There are number of categories to choose from along with sample content to see. You can either be buyer or a seller and use this application according to your need. The buyers can easily find seller and ask them for specific content giving them a good offer. You can find all description about this application in our article. There are other application also on our site that you can check out. In this article we tried our best to give you the detailed overview of the Feet Finder APK. If you are also looking for a secure and safe application to share and watch feet content download this application right now. You can find the download link and steps in the how to download section. It is free of cost application for all the users.

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