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Crackstreams is an Android application that helps you live stream any content from your phone. You don't need a PC to stream games and other stuff, just do it on your phone through CrackstreamsAPK.
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22 April 2022
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Crackstreams APK

Crackstreams APK : Gaming has been in our lives for a while now and then after streaming, started to gain popularity among us. There was a time when nobody knew about streaming but now streaming is really popular among people. Crackstreams APK is the best solution for gamers and streamers.
By default, there is no app on Android or iOS devices with which you can stream any app or game. Crackstreams APK is a great app for streaming on phone and it is also available on Playstore.

What is Crackstreams APK?

Crackstreams APK is an amazing streaming application that lets you stream anything from your phone. Many gamers use this to stream their gaming sessions and get monetary benefits. You can share your gameplay with a huge audience on the internet and can interact with them to grow a fanbase. Streaming has gained huge popularity over time and people love to watch live streams and interact with the streamer. You can also watch live streams on Crackstreams APK and follow your favorite streamer. This app is similar to Twitch and Youtube and shares similar streaming features. Creators can earn good money by streaming games and monetizing their streams. Crackstreams APK is a great platform for gamers and streamers, let’s know more about Crackstreams APK.

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Some Outstanding Features of Crackstreams APK

As mentioned above Crackstreams APK shares similar features to Twitch and Youtube. Let’s dive deep into the features offered by Crackstreams APK:

1. Minimalistic User Interface

Crackstreams APK follows a very minimalistic approach when it comes to the user interface. The controls and settings section is kept minimal and even a new streamer can learn the basics in a few minutes to handle the stream and manage the other settings.

2. No Genre Restriction

There are many streaming platforms that have amazing features but also have some restrictions about what streamers can stream. Crackstreams has no restrictions and you can stream any genre and content you want to stream. Streamers just need to make sure that their content is not promoting terrorism, violence, or any inhuman activity. So as a streamer feel free to stream whatever you want on Crackstreams APK.

3. HD Streaming Options

Crackstreams APK offers an HD streaming feature that enables streamers to stream their content in high definition. This feature offers streamers to stream at high bitrates and at high resolution. Streamers can also do HD facecam videos in their stream which allows real high-quality facecam videos that also allow better interaction between the streamers and their audience.

4. Monetization

The best part about Crackstreams APK is that it helps streamers to earn money by monetizing their streams. Streamers can earn a good amount of money by monetizing their streams and also selling memberships to their audience. Streamers can also get sponsors and do sponsored streams to earn even more. Crackstreams APK can be a good source of income for streamers providing multiple sources of income.

5. Follow Genres

Apart from offering so many options to streamers, Crackstreams offers an amazing feature to follow genres for the audience. As a viewer, you can follow genres in Crackstreams that will fabricate your feed according to the genres you are following. You can follow a specific genre that you like to watch and your feed and suggestions will change according to that. There are genres like gaming, news, politics, etc. You can also get specific about a particular genre like in the gaming category you can be specific about racing, FPS, battle royale, etc.

6. Watch Live Sports

This is most likely the coolest feature of the app as you can watch live matches of football, cricket, baseball, and whatnot. Currently, you can watch one of the most popular IPL tournament on Crackstreams.

Download Crackstreams APK

Unlike other apps, you can not find Crackstreams APK on Google Playstore but no need to worry as you can download Crackstreams APK from Sideloading apps can be a bit of a risk for your device but we make sure that every file on our website is thoroughly checked and inspected before uploading. We make sure that the APK file is free from any kind of viruses or malware. We run multiple tests for the APK file and make sure that the file is safe to install. If you want to download the Crackstreams APK you can click on the download button below the app icon.

Crackstreams and its alternatives.

Recently Crackstreams was taken down due to copyright issues because of the sports streaming. Cracksreams received multiple copyrights and got a dip in their watching but soon Crackstreams alternatives and proxy services surfaced and saved the moment. The Crackstreams alternatives are good but still can’t beat Crackstreams when it comes to streaming sports. Crackstreams is the best app to watch the latest news and NFL matches and even highlights.
Crackstreams was launched by CRACKSAW INC. and got amazing popularity gains because of sports streaming. Crackstreams is available on Firestick and makes the experience even better as you can watch live streams on your TV with the help of Firestick. Crackstreams offers NFL, Cricket, Boxing, MMA, and everyone’s favorite soccer. There is no limit to watching Live TV on Crackstreams. It is available on all the major platforms like PC, Smartphones, Tablets, and Smart Tvs.
Redstream is a great alternative for Crackstreams as it offers similar features to Crackstreams. It offers more than 90 different channels and is more like a Live TV app and has dedicated Live TV features. It offers Trial period for users similar to Crackstreams and requires no advance payment to the subscription.
One more app is the Hulu app which can be a good alternative for Crackstreams. Hulu offers a wide variety of content and yes it offers a trial period too. You can have a trial period before subscribing and for that you don’t need to make any payment. Crackstreams not only offers Live shows or streaming channels but also offers PPV shows and covers mainevents like WWE, NFL, NBA, etc. You can’t go wrong with Crackstreams APK when it comes to sports, and all of this without spending a cent.

How to Download Crackstreams APK?

Downloading Crackstreams APK is really easy and takes only 2 minutes to get it installed on your device. All you need to do is to follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on the Download button below the App icon.
  2. Wait for 10 seconds to generate the Download Link.
  3. Click on the Download Link and download the APK file.
  4. Click on the downloaded package and tap on Install.
  5. You might get a prompt of Install from Unknown Sources, just enable it from your device settings.
  6. After you enable the option, you can install the app easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Is Crackstreams APK safe?

Ans. Crackstreams APK is completely safe and contains no in app phishing or fraud techniques. This app is free from malware and viruses like trojan. Sideloading apps can be risky but no need to worry as our team makes sure that every file uploaded on the website is safe to download and use. Always download from trusted websites like,,

Q2. is Crackstreams APK available for iPhones?

As if now Crackstreams APK is not available for iPhones or iPads or any iOS device. It is available for Android devices and only but yes you can use it on your PC with the help of an emulator like Bluestacks which is very popular among PC emulators.

Q3. How to earn money from Crackstreams APK?

Ans. As mentioned above you can earn good amount of money through Crackstreams APK by monetizing your streams. You can also do sponsored streams to earn even more. The possibilities do not end here you can also edorse products and brands through your streams and can get a handsome amount from the associated brand. If you have what it takes you can get a living out of it.

Conclusion on Crackstreams APK

If you are streamer Crackstreams is the path to success as it gives you an amazing platform to stream your content and engage with audience. if you don’t have a PC you can still stream with the help of Crackstreams. You can build a fanbase and earn good money by streaming. You also get a chance to associate with brands and endorse their products and get monetary benefits in return. Crackstreams is an amazing app for streamers and also for people who want to watch Live Streams. Now wait no more and grab the Crackstreams APK.

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